Do you own an American company and want to set up in France ? Learn about the steps you will need to take :

Step 1 : Choose how to set up your company 

There are different forms of setting up for an American company wishing to settle in France.

If you carry out non-commercial activities such as advertising, prospecting, information or other non-commercial activity, you should opt for the Liaison Office. This form of setting up does not have its own legal and fiscal personality. You will not need to comply with the foreign investment approval process, the requirement to register with the French Trade and Companies Register (RCS) and the French tax system.

If you carry out a commercial or industrial activity, you have to choose from two forms of setting up which must be registered under the RCS :

  • The branch : company created by a parent company allowing you to create a structure with no autonomy or assets. The branch remains totally legally and fiscally dependent on the parent company. The branch is headed by a representative of the parent company. This structure is subject to the French tax system. On the other hand, the creation of a branch in France does not require a prior authorization declaration from the Treasury Directorate. From an administrative point of view, the branch is a much lighter process than that of a subsidiary.
  • The subsidiary : mainly controlled by the parent company, the subsidiary allows to create a fully-fledged legal entity. It has its own assets and acts in its own behalf. From a taxation point of view, the subsidiary is taxable and will be subject to French corporate income tax. This form of setting up is suitable for your project if you have a sound financial basis.

Step 2 : Registration of your business in France

Do you want to set up your company in France ? To this end, you must request for your registration of the SIRENE register and the Trade and Companies Register (RCS).

To set up in France your project will require a set of key choices in terms of defining the appropriate form of setting up but also on all administrative and accounting procedures. These choices are never obvious, which is why our firm CF Henderson offers to support and advise you with all of these procedures !

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