As one of the most productive economies in Europe, the number of businesses from both the EU and abroad looking to establish companies in France is continuously growing .

From small and medium to even the largest companies, it can be tough to establish a company in France without the help of specialized professionals. Among others things, accountants can advise entrepreneurs and shareholders on the legal hurdles involved and provide guidance regarding the laws related to filing financial statements, audit requirements or other accounting-related matters.



One of our clients had a successful, rapidly-growing business. His problem was that he knew the structure of his organization would not be able to support the current size of the business, while at the same time facing the public health crisis. He could either continue down the same path, avoid change, and be moderately successful, or he could take time to reassess and restructure in order to guarantee his company’s long-term success. He thus decided to use our services as part-time CFOs in order to guide him through the process.