CF Henderson has the necessary expertise and specialization required to provide U.S. and French tax-related services of the highest quality to our clients. Our international team of French and American certified public accountants is specialized in assisting French residents with French and American personal income tax returns and other issues related to international tax compliance. Our first objective is to help our clients understand the legal and tax obligations that apply to them both in France and in the United States, in order to then better assist individuals and families with the preparation of their US and French income tax returns.

Are you a U.S. citizen living in France or planning to relocate? Our aim is to be the accounting firm of choice for individuals needing assistance with financial planning and preparing their tax returns in France and/or the United States.



Emily is a United States citizen who has lived in France for the past 20 years. She did not file her U.S. tax returns, because she mistakenly believed that it was not necessary. We have assisted her in filing her tax returns for the previous years, as well as representing her before the IRS.