We provide administrative and accounting services to businesses of all sizes (small, medium and large). At Henderson, our goal is to help you add value to your business by providing management support and customized administrative services. This administrative experience allows you to fully focus on the development and growth of your business.

Our managers work full time to obtain the best administrative conditions for your establishment in France. Henderson’s experience and know-how will allow you to set up your business in peace and quiet. Beyond the formalities of setting up a business, Henderson provides assistance throughout your establishment phase to ensure quality administrative follow-up and to promote your economic development.

Our team of bilingual managers can assist you with the following administrative services :



James is based in California and started his business activities in France, but he needed a registered address and work permits in France for his employees. That is why he asked CF Henderson to help him oversee his administrative and financial services.

Henderson Cabinet assisted James in overseeing this change of country from the initial meeting to the implementation. With the help of  CF Henderson’s team of skilled professionals, he was able to set up his business knowing he was in good hands. Beyond the formalities of setting up a business, CF Henderson provides assistance throughout the process to ensure quality administrative support for business development.