Our years of experience have allowed us to develop specialized knowledge and gain vast experience in the area of providing French and American tax-related services. Our team of French and American CPAs is highly specialized in assisting French residents with American and French individual income tax returns and other matters regarding international tax compliance. Our first objective is to help our clients understand the legal and tax obligations that apply to them both in France and in the United States, in order to then better assist individuals and families with the preparation of their US and French income tax returns.

Are you an American currently residing in France or seeking to relocate? Our goal is to be the provider of choice for individuals and families needing assistance with US and French tax preparation or other financial planning needs.



Mrs. Varley is a US citizen who moved to France for her retirement.

She has multiple sources of income, including rental income, social security and retirement benefits in the US. She is also planning to invest in French real estate, and needs to know how she is going to be taxed and what the applicable tax and legal obligations to her situation are, both in France and the United States.