Clients testimonials

Ian S.

My wife and I are both retired and have lived in SW France for almost 15 years. For most of that period CF Henderson have prepared and submitted our French tax returns, which has relieved me of much anxiety. As a matter of routine, I have been kept up to date with any changes in tax law, and they have been happy to explain anything that I have not understood.
Recently, CF Henderson have prepared documents for the successful reclaim of significant amounts of the social contributions that we have paid in recent years; we would not have been able to do this for ourselves.

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I have been working with Marie-Claude Sampson / CF Henderson for the past 4 years – and over that time, they have saved me a considerable amount of money, time and worry. It is so valuable for internationals / expats to work with a company who understand both French and English tax law as it is sometimes very difficult to understand what applies or not. Marie-Claude is very understanding and very thorough – working hard to seek out the correct information and liaising with the local tax authorities to apply the right procedure. Thank you very much.

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G. R. Thompson

I am very happy and relieved now that CF Henderson has taken over my French Tax Declaration. My advisor speaks perfect English and provides excellent advice and guidance as well as completing the complex declaration for me, and submitting it to the French Tax Authorities. I no longer have to worry about my French taxes, and can concentrate on enjoying my life in France.

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Tony T.

CF Henderson have prepared our French taxes for the past 20 years.  They are efficient, reliable and impeccably able.  We couldn’t ask for anything more.

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This is wonderful work on CF Henderson part, though I hope the fee does not exeed 7 000 eur! (English sense of humour).
I have always told our friends that using their services has not only saved us money but also given great peace of mind – this merely proves our point.
Thank you so much.

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